Wednesday, July 13, 2011

wedding wednesday's: changing your name.

the two (maybe three) main documents in need of changing over after you say "I do":
1) driver's license
2) social security card
and possibly,
3) insurance card

yesterday rollled around and i took the day to catch up on some projects and purchase a few crafty things to work on in my spare time.

a few weeks ago, I stopped in to the social security office to switch over my new information.
Because I was just recently issued a temporary driver's license, they weren't able to process the data without the official hard license.

I had already obtained a certified copy of our marriage license & was ready to roll.

So, I crept into the office about 2:00 yesterday afternoon. Pulled my number out of the ticket machine & had a seat.

After 15 minutes or so, my number was called to "desk number 2, please".

As I sat down in the chair after giving the lady all of my pertinent info, I caught a glimpse of a cute decorated acrylic cup sitting on her desk.. much like the ones that I create in my store.

Actually, if I'm not mistaken...I did a cup EXACTLY like that just last week. And I mean identical.
After a few minutes of pondering on whether or not I should ask where she purchased her cup from, I faced my fear and just asked.

"Excuse me, where did you get your cute cup from?"
She proceeded to tell me, "well.... actually, I got it from... the city in which you live in!" (as she is looking at my driver's license).


"It wasn't perhaps, Embellish Boutique was it?"

Yes! That's it. It was from there!

As I'm giggling to myself, I go on to tell her that I am actually the so-called "owner" of Embellish and actually helped make her exact cup!

She died.

Now, tell me this ain't a small world?


Interested in purchasing a personalized double-walled acrylic cup?

Visit my etsy site, here.

Price includes all personalization, graphics, polka dots, and coordinating ribbon.


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