Friday, July 29, 2011

[a taste] of country elegance.

our photographer snapped 2,000+ of our wedding day.
it's been almost two months, and i still have not made it through them all.

it's a shame, i know.

last night, i nearly made it halfway when my computer decided to gain a low connection to the neighbors internet [we get free internet, thanks to my grandparents living next door ;)]
it must've been a sign for me to give up and go to bed.

fair warning: this post is full of pictures, and more pictures.

every.thing. was unique in it's own little way.

each part represented us, somehow, some way.

i like being different.

i wanted our wedding to be unusual.

something everyone would remember for years to come.

the boutonnieres were made from fresh gerber daisies. we simply pulled the petals off & added a few berries. the wooden C + C = <3 sign, i handpainted. the tutorial is found HERE. the wood came from an my daddy's grandparents farmhouse. the pink C & C wooden letters (pictured in the very beginning image), were purchased from hobby lobby at 50% off. i handpainted them with a sponge brush & acrylic paint.

the flowergirl carried a wooden heart sign stating "here comes the bride" on one side and "thank you" on the back. my maternal grandpa made & painted the sign for me. i attached the ribbon, & wa-la!

the pillows were old pillows laying around our homes. our wedding planner covered them with a pleated brown fabric & placed them upon the hay bails.

the fingerprint tree guestbook(s) was handpainted by my former high school art teacher. she did an absolute fabulous job! she painted two identical ones. hobby lobby framed them.
i loved how they turned out.
looking forward to hanging them in our home.

six doves were released. two signifying our new life together. two in rememberance of cliff's grandfather & grandmother. two in rememberance of my grandfather & great grandmother.

part II coming next week, hopefully ♥


  1. Your wedding looked wonderful!!! I love all the unique features! I want to see more! :))

  2. I love your wedding- what is so fun is that a lot of the details are ones I did too. I handpainted a entryway sign from our old barn similar to the one you did. We had hay bales for some of our seating covered with pretty fabric too! I love the way yours turned out- so beautiful and unique, oh and I love the cowboy boots!!

  3. Your wedding was beautiful! I love all the little details.

  4. i've been waiting... and waiting! These are beaut-ti-ful! Can't wait to see more! Only ONE MONTH {tummy drop} & I'll be doing these pictures... YIKES! {I'm emotionally a wreck...}

    You're wedding was so beautiful! I wish all your blog friends could have seen it in person! It said everything about "Caitlin & Cliff"! It was perfect. Somehow I missed the flower girl coming & going with her sign? :( But.. that's what pictures are for. Loved it. {Due to a big bridal party & so many nieces, we chose to not have a flower girl or ring bearer. I haven't missed it yet, but seeing these precious children, I know my little ones would have been too adorable.}

    Random Comment:
    (Due to not having my cell phone today, I'm commenting back on you getting that book, "The Best Thing I Ever Did for my Marriage." When you get just one hour, read from the very beginning. Even the intro. I know some of the stories may not be able to relate now, or in your future... Because at the time when I got it, our relationship was purdy great. Mine & your relationship with our men have both been long and started young, you'd be surprised how many times I related to the stories. Even looking back, it helps me SOOOOOO much in other circumstances now & in our future. I've started giving it as bridal gifts because I really do believe after reading that book, that's when mine & Aaron relationship took off like never before. Some people look at me crazy, but knowing when you fight for something {& there will always be HIGH & LOW points, I'm sure you know this} as I did, I never want it to fail again. Ever!
    Our relationship is not perfect by no means, but geez, all the small struggles lead to BIG ones {clearly} & our relationship did a 360 back in late 2009, early 2010... I do believe God above did something to me by giving me this book & I really believe by {me} changing small things, God did his magic & that's when Aaron started doing changes without even knowing. {Men never grow up completely :)}
    I'll stop rambling now because I know you are thinking "what is she talking about?". I just love to share my love for this book. I think it's GREAT you bought it, even now {when you're still in honeymoom awe & love feels like teenagers again... It's still great to read!} Rachel Howell talked to me about this book & I didn't think much & now I thank you everyday. I give her lots of credit for saving me, as a girlfriend. I'm done. No more typing! :)

    1. I just popped over from Stilettos & a Fishing Pole, and I have to say... your wedding was gorgeous! I love all the details!! :)