Wednesday, July 13, 2011

small renovations making a big difference.

Our master bathroom/laundry room was the first room actually quoted 'complete' in our new home.
We gutted the floors and replaced with laminate sticky tile ( --> cheaper), painted the walls Thyme, & installed a new cabinet above the washer/dryer.

The three [big] things that are remaining to do are to remove & replace the cracked shower (that thankfully doesn't leak), purchase a new and up to date hot water heater, & finish painting/tiling behind and around the new heater.

It's a complete eye sore.

The towels don't match.
They all fall to the right, left, behind the heater, and on the floor.

 the leftover painting/remodeling supplies have found a permanent home in the corner.

bella decided to be destructive one day while home alone..

 With all of our leftover Bed, Bath, & Beyond giftcards, we purchased a small shelf kit.

Luckily, it was just the right length & width to fit into our tiny hole in the wall.

I re-organized our towel collection and threw out all of the non-coordinating colors.

Added a few wine bottles & an antique-finished easel.

Folded all of the washcloths & stacked them neatly into a wicker basket.

so far, I'm pleased with the results.

This coming up weekend's project --> paint those hidden white walls!

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