Wednesday, July 6, 2011

redneck wine glasses?

at our couples shower back in may, i mentioned that we received mason jar wine glasses.

i was thrilled.

i know, some of you may be thinking...what? you're kidding right?

how r-e-d-n-e-c-k can one posisbly get?

don't judge.

a friend's mom handmade these for us.

we were going to actually use them as toasting flutes at the wedding.

after all, it did fit the theme to a T.

somehow or another, our wedding planner "lost" them the day of..

twas but a joke.

if you are feeling crafty, you can handmake these yourself. it's pretty simple.

all you need is a set of clear glass candlestick holders, a set of two mason jars (either pint or quart sized- pint sized is shown in pictures), e6000 glue & a little bit of twine.

Glue the candlestick holders to the bottom of the mason jar, tie the lid on with some twine and waa-la!

You now have yourself a pair of redneck mason jars.

If you aren't feeling too crafty, check out etsy instead. they have a ton of these listed here.

                                                                 {this set is only $8}

Now go fill it up with your favorite toddy, sweet tea, or lemonade and have yourself a drank!


  1. Oh Caitlin, once again this is ironic!
    We aren't using these or haven't made or received these but I will tell you we saw these in St. Augustine this past weekend and thought they were too cute. Happy Thursday♥

  2. I absolutely love these. But I am about as country as they come and am partial to anything with a mason jar! Thank you for sharing. Definitely adding these to my DIY list!